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When it comes to feed additives, we offer a high degree of technical knowledge in formulating effective compounds that meet customer demands both in terms of further processing and in terms of nutrition. Through its work with so many international partners, our company has become adept at responding effectively to the varying needs of our international customers. Furthermore, our company takes advantage of high-tech biotechnology mechanisms and different innovations in order to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Specifically, our focus is on researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Nutritional Supplements for use in poultry, livestock, and companion animals. Our animal health products are marketed directly in Canada and Europe as well as through selected distributors globally.Furthermore, Canavit’s view on service delivery is one of a holistic, comprehensive approach. Canadian Feed Additives takes pride in catering to the unique needs of our international customers.

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About Canadian Feed Additives (CANAVIT)

Quality management

Canadian Feed Additives is very much aware that it is imperative to ensure a high degree of safety and quality when it comes to functioning within the food chain.

In order to make sure that the highest level of safety is achieved, Canadian Feed Additives embraces a strict quality management system. This process includes but is not limited to paying maximum attention to choosing the right raw materials, getting all supplies approved, as well as ensuring that the production and transport process are carried out in the right manner.

Our Quality Management process starts with choosing the right raw materials, while ensuring both safety and quality. Canadian Feed Additives uses only ingredients provided by leading global supplies that have been audited and approved using the highest standards.


Canadian Feed Additives has analyzed all product risks by performing HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) as part of its quality management system.Evidently, a large part of ensuring final quality is to both control and identify all possible risks that can affect our products at any point in time.


At Canadian Feed Additives, we strive to protect the environment, and modify all our processes accordingly. We believe that preserving our surroundings is essential and that by protecting people and animals we are making the world a better place for all future generations to come.

Specifically, environmental protection takes priority at all of our sites and activities. Factors taken into account by our teams include carbon and sulfur dioxide emissions, as well as chemical oxygen demands and water samples. We also focus on appropriate waste treatment and energy conservation. Here at Canadian Feed Additives we consider a long-term approach to environmental protection and do everything in our capacity to be responsible producers.

Assurance of quality

All of our goods go through verification of their technical specifications once received. Such inspection is performed by Canadian Feed Additives in an independent, non-affiliated laboratory.

As such, only raw materials that have gone through testing will go through the production process. Furthermore, the final product will only be released for sale once it has been issued a final certificate of analysis. Finally, our products are all manufactured to either FAMI-QS or GMP+.

Technical support

To make sure that all products provided by Canadian Feed Additives are used correctly, we offer technical support and consulting services to all our customers as an extension of the QM system.

All of our employees go through an intense training process and are constantly updating their knowledge of quality assurance at all levels, from technical details to customer service procedures. Our company is committed to constant improvement and we are continually re-shaping and improving our processes at all levels.

Our partners

Canadian Bio-Systems Inc.

Manufactures a wide range of products utilized in feed, food and industrial applications. Each product is developed for a specific function and is a catalyst resulting in a safe, natural way to profitability.


NEOFARMA is a company skilled in the formulation, experimentation and production of all kinds of animal premixes and of complete feeds targeted to all animal species needs for each phase of their growth.

Report: Fundamentals of the Commercial Feed Industry in Canada

Learn about the Canadian feed industry’s role in ensuring a safe and continuous supply of food to consumers in Canada and around the world in this report by the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada.

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